“I tell clients if they’d like a boost, COMPETE energy bites are a delicious caffeinated treat. They provide an optimal amount of caffeine to give a burst of energy to fuel workouts.”
—Jake Saunders, Personal Trainer/Coach and Owner/Operator of Fit With Jake*

“I have been instructing fitness classes and training clients for more than 15 years and have tried a few different energy drinks. I didn’t like the side effects of bloating and upset stomach that came from the high sugar content in those. I don’t experience any side effects with COMPETE.”
—Julia Wilson, Fitness Class Instructor*

“When my college team members use COMPETE energy bites before a competition, they make more effective decisions and show clearer, sharper actions.”
—Marshal Davis, Coach/President of Liberty Fencing Club, LLC*

“I’m in my late 40s and just don’t have the energy I used to. I have never tried anything that works as well as COMPETE. Energy drinks are full of sugar and I just don’t like the taste. They also make me feel jittery and give me a stomachache. When I was asked to participate in a pilot for a new energy product, I was happy to hear the tasty little COMPETE energy bites contained less sugar than most energy drinks.”
—John Wilson, Small Business Owner*

“I felt steady energy while playing golf after eating a COMPETE energy bite. I got stronger at the end of the round when I am typically the most tired.”
—Ryan Newman, Leisure Golfer*

“I have been using COMPETE as part of my training program, particularly during pre-contest preparation when my energy levels were lower than usual. My cardio performance increased dramatically and mental focus definitely improved when using the product. I’ve recommended COMPETE to a number of my personal training clients and they are definitely feeling the effects.”
—Rachel Callow, Body Builder*

“I think COMPETE energy bites are a good product. They provide a benefit of giving increased energy and focus without feeling jittery. The positive effects are long lasting. COMPETE is especially useful at night when driving after returning from a family gathering or weekend outing.”
—John McClure, Occupational Therapist*

“I like COMPETE energy bites because I can throw one in my purse and have it as a snack before class. It satisfies my sweet tooth and also gives me the energy burst I need to stay focused throughout my evening classes.”
—Kirsten Whitt, Caldwell University*

*Received free samples. Was not compensated. Individual results may vary.

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