For Athletes

Being active is the foundation for good health, just as competitive sports are an important part of our daily lives. Whether you like to run, swim, bicycle, lift weights, go to the gym, or work out on your own, COMPETE® energy bites contain caffeine that may help you reach your peak performance level in all of life’s competitions.1, 2

COMPETE energy bites are a convenient, healthy and delicious way to help prepare for competition and improve endurance.1, 2

Whether you’re competing athletically or need to get in a challenging workout at the gym, COMPETE enhances your performance.

The caffeine in COMPETE has been shown to increase metabolism, which means that COMPETE fits into a fitness-oriented lifestyle where counting calories and burning fat matters.3

For Everyday Life

The caffeine in COMPETE® can help increase alertness and the ability to concentrate.1

In a placebo-controlled study of college students, 100 mg. of caffeine one hour before a 75-minute lecture increased post-lecture wakefulness, mental clarity, energy, alertness, anxiousness, attentiveness, ability to concentrate, and mental arousal.4

COMPETE energy bites provide a portable, ready-to-consume, healthy, and tasty option.


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